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Rhode Island


Whether you need a job done once, daily, weekly, or any other time frame, we are able to keep your site clean from trash, litter, sand and debris.

Illegal Dumping Removal

Unfortunately, people will illegally dump their trash such as furniture, old appliances and debris leaving an unsightly mess for you. Star Sweeping has the equipment to quickly and efficiently remove these problems from your property.

Day Porter

Star Sweeping provides Day Porter services to make sure your parking lot, building, and general area remain clean and safe. Give us a call and we will send someone over to clear up any problem you may be having.

Sand Removal

When sand is left behind from the winter season's de-icing, you need it gone as quickly as possible to prevent hazards and damge. Sand being tracked into your buildings can cause damage to carpeting and other flooring materials; resulting in additional costs to cure. We are able to provide full site sand removal on a schedule or a one-time cleanup.